Ferrari 550 Maranello

£ 125,000

12,913 Miles
1998 / R
Exterior Colour:
Rosso Corsa
Interior Colour:
Crema Leather
6 Speed Manual

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The 550 Maranello marked Ferrari’s return to a front engined, rear wheel drive layout for its 2-seater 12-cylinder model, 23 years after the Daytona had been replaced by the mid-engined Berlinetta Boxer

Powered by a naturally aspirated 5.4 Litre V12 producing 478 hp and 419 lb ft of torque.

3,083 units were produced worldwide, with UK RHD deliveries totalling 457 units.



Rosso Corsa

Crema Leather

Red Carpets

Red Stitching

Red Brake Calipers



Not all 550’s are equal, if your looking for a spectacularly cared for example with an impeccable history and provenance then this might just be the car your looking for.

Supplied by Maranello Sales on 6th January 1998, it has been lightly used for much of its life and has been a concours contender whilst in the custody of its 3rd owner for over 10 years.

5 owners in total, the most recent keeper has kept the car in storage during his ownership, but maintained service and MOT requirements to keep the vehicle in perfect condition.

Complete with its original book pack, service book, leather wallet, tool kit and a comprehensive file of invoices and previous MOT certificates.


Service History

Supplied New by Maranello Sales, 6th January 1998

Annual Service by Maranello Sales, 26/02/1999, 2,707 Miles

Annual Service & Cambelts by Maranello, 01/02/2000, 3,280 Miles

Annual Service by Meridian Modena, 02/01/2001, 3,619 Miles

MOT, 03/01/2001, 3,635 Miles

Annual Service by Meridian Modena, 20/12/2001, 3,986 Miles

MOT, 21/2/2001, 4,002 Miles

MOT, 20/12/2002, 4,237 Miles

Annual Service by Meridian Modena, 02/01/2003, 4,245 Miles

MOT, 09/12/2003, 4,441 Miles

Annual Service & Cambelts by Meridian, 06/01/2004, 4,448 Miles

MOT, 23/12/2004, 5,600 Miles

6250 Service by Dick Lovett, 06/10/2005, 6,295  Miles

MOT, 06/10/2005, 6,311 Miles

MOT, 19/04/2007, 6,946 Miles

MOT, 24/04/2008, 7,637 Miles

Annual & Cambelts by Bob Houghton, 09/05/2008, 7,738 Miles

MOT, 23/04/2009, 8,227 Miles

MOT, 24/04/2010, 8,959 Miles

Annual by Bob Houghton, 27/10/2010, 9,982 Miles

MOT, 07/05/2011, 10,044 Miles

MOT, 31/05/2012, 10,553 Miles

Annual & Cambelts by Bob Houghton, 09/11/2012, 11,327 Miles

MOT, 03/06/2013, 11,557 Miles

MOT, 29/05/2014, 11,975 Miles

Annual Service by Bob Houghton, 24/11/2014, 12,245 Miles

MOT, 22/05/2015, 12,483 Miles

Cambelts replaced by Slades Garage, 01.10.15

MOT, 12/09/2016, 12,882 Miles

Annual Service by Graypaul, 23/11/16, 12,884 Miles

MOT, 07/09/2017, 12,886 Miles

Annual Service by Graypaul, 11/09/2017, 12,886 Miles

Annual & Cambelts by Graypaul, 29/10/2018, 12,897 Miles

MOT, 29/10/2018, 12,899 Miles

MOT, 15/11/2019, 12,910 Miles

2nd Annual Service & New Battery by Graypaul, 15/11/2019, 12,911 Miles

MOT, 15/10/2020, 12,912 Miles

Annual Service by Graypaul, 20/10/2020, 12,912 Miles