Our Promises


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When dealing with a main dealer, the concept of ‘one point of contact’ is almost impossible, but dealing with a private business means you will deal with one person for all of your needs.

That means that whether you are buying from or selling to us, calling for help or advice, or we are delivering or picking up your car, the whole process will be done by one person from start to finish, and beyond !

Ongoing Support

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Robin’s experience in the Motor Trade over more than 25 years has taught him that success is built on relationships, and that relationships are built on trust.

So whatever you require relating to your cars now and in the future, we will be happy to assist, whether it’s finding a vehicle we don’t presently have available or finding a buyer for a vehicle you have for sale, we’ll always be happy to offer help, assistance, or just talk cars!


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Running our own business allows us to be unique. One of those unique things is that we prepare all our vehicles to the standard that we would expect if we were buying for ourselves.

We are of course a business and exist to make a profit, a used car can never be a new one, but what’s more important for us is that we do the best we can at every level of your dealings with us – offering exceptional cars at the right price, prepared to the best standard possible produces a level of trust we’d like to think is unique in the motor industry.