Volkswagen Golf GTi Clubsport S – SOLD


1,543 Miles
2016 / 66
Exterior Colour:
Deep Black Pearl
Interior Colour:
Black Cloth
6-Speed Manual


A celebration of 40 years of GTi, the GTi Clubsport S was Volkswagen’s 40th birthday present to itself and conqueror of the Nurburgring front wheel drive lap record, the strictly 2 seat Golf GTi Clubsport S was a culmination of everything they’d learnt over the years, resulting in a 306 BHP monster, limited to 400 worldwide units with 150 of those being UK RHD examples, the Clubsport S is sure to be a future classic.



It’s specification was standard across all the UK delivered vehicles, the only choices being the colour of either White, Red or Black and whether or not to have Air Conditioning – this example is fitted with Air Conditioning.

Navigation, Bluetooth Phone and Heated Bucket Seats were all standard equipment.

Evo Magazine did a great job of describing the technical changes as follows ……

‘The Clubsport S carries over the Clubsport’s aerodynamic revisions. The front splitter and rear wing not only cancel out the 60kg of lift generated by the GTI Performance, they actually produce a small amount of downforce. VW’s engineers quote 8kg on the front axle and 17kg at the rear. They’re modest numbers, but with no lift to contend with VW has been able to make significant changes to the chassis balance.

With so much more stability at high speed than before the engineers can dial in a more neutral balance, which reduces understeer and promotes oversteer characteristics. In a front-wheel drive car that translates into more speed through corners.

From there the Clubsport S starts to distinguish itself from the Clubsport. The chassis gets bespoke damper tuning, new front knuckles, more camber front and rear with less toe and a lightweight front aluminium subframe. Those revisions are all designed to make the car more stable at speed, and reduce understeer.

Bespoke Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres are standard fit (they’re optional on the Clubsport) and the brakes get specific pads and aluminium bowls that enable the discs to expand under sustained track work without warping. Some 30kg has been saved over the Clubsport by removing the rear seats and some sound deadening material.’



Supplied new by Johnsons Volkswagen in Solihull, this example is number 113 of the 400 produced worldwide.

Presented in original, unblemished condition and has been freshly detailed, serviced correctly always at the supplying VW dealer.

2 Owners


Service History

Supplied new by Johnsons Volkswagen Solihull 12 December 2016

1st Service by Johnsons Volkswagen Solihull 14 December 2017 @ 351 Miles

2nd Service by Johnsons Volkswagen Solihull 4 January 2019 @ 533 Miles

MOT 18 December 2019 @ 618 Miles

3rd Service by Johnsons Volkswagen Solihull 18 December 2019 @ 618 Miles

MOT 16 December 2020 @ 1,303 Miles

4th Service by Johnsons Volkswagen Solihull 5 March 2021 @ 1,356 Miles

MOT 12 November 2021 @ 1,543 Miles