Lotus Elise S1 – SOLD


18,456 Miles
1998 / R
Exterior Colour:
Norfolk Mustard
Interior Colour:
Dark Blue Leather
5 Speed Manual


Designer Julian Thomson and engineer Richard Rackham, reacting to the increasing sophistication and bulk in Lotus road cars, sought out to create a truly minimalist, focused sports car, in an attempt to recreate Colin Chapman’s early ideas before he left Lotus. The Lotus Elan was thought by many to be among the most dynamically pure sports cars ever made, and the Elise wanted that title for itself.

The Elise’s strong and lightweight aluminium chassis coupled with a fiberglass body vacant of modern burdensome luxuries meant the Elise weight just 725kg, just 26kg more than the Elan S4. With a modest but strong mid-mounted K-Series 1.8ltr engine launches the Elise to 62mph in 5.5 seconds. Although the 0-62 time is impressive, the real triumph is the Elises handling and cornering characteristics. The incredibly direct steering and perfect balance of the Elise really communicates to the driver to create an incredibly immersive and memorable drive.



Metallic Paint

Leather Seats

Air Horns

Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust

Clear Film Stone Chip Protector

Stealth Kenwood Radio/CD Stack System

Battery Master Cut-out switch

Lightweight Aluminium Door Handles

Luxury style Sound Proofing Carpet Mats

LIFE (automatic engine bay fire extinguisher)

Handbrake Lock

Painted Dash Panels



This beautiful Lotus Elise S1 has had just 2 owners from new, with the first owner loving the car for 18 years. Supplied by Nelmes of Romford in February 1998, the car has been garaged it’s entire life with great care on upkeep which includes a suspension upgrade from Paul Matty Sports Cars in 2018 and numerous wheel alignments throughout the years.

Still in its original eye catching Norfolk Mustard this example was specified with many of the ‘limited’ options available at the time, being Leather seats, Kenwood Radio, Battery Master cut-out switch, Luxury Sound proofing, Carpets Mats and more ….


Service History

Supplied New by Nelmes of Romford, 20/02/1998

1,000 Service by Nelmes of Romford, 08/05/1998, 903 Miles

Annual Service by Nelmes of Romford, 12/03/1999, 4,385 Miles

Annual Service by Wilson’s, 08/05/2004, 8,783 Miles

MOT, 08/05/2004, 8,783 Miles

MOT, 27/05/2005, 9,327 Miles

MOT, 15/05/2006, 9,661 Miles

Geometry refresh and setup by Sinclaire’s Motorsport, 26/05/2006, 9,677 Miles

MOT, 23/05/2007, 10,884 Miles

MOT, 19/05/2008, 12,801 Miles

MOT, 29/05/2009, 14,044 Miles

MOT, 19/05/2010, 15,230 Miles

Annual Service & Cambelt by Castle Lotus, 20/08/2010, 15,721 Miles

Geometry check by Elite Direct, 10/08/2011, 16,608 Miles

MOT, 24/05/2011, 16,249 Miles

MOT, 10/06/2013, 17,608 Miles

MOT, 07/10/2016, 18,184 Miles

27,000 Service by Barry Ely Sports Cars, 03/02/2017, 18,267 Miles

Annual Service and Cambelts by Hunters Garage, 25/08/2017, 18,344 Miles

MOT, 24/01/2018, 18,384

Suspension Upgrade by Paul Matty, 13/02/2018, 18,390 Miles

Annual Service by Hunters Garage, 03/09/2018, 18,448 Miles

MOT, 15/10/2018, 18,450 Miles