Ferrari 512 TR – SOLD


3,970 Miles
1995 / M
Exterior Colour:
Rosso Corsa
Interior Colour:
Crema Leather
5 Speed Manual


The Testarossa, designed by Pininfarina, was originally produced from 1984 until 1991, with two model revisions following the end of Testarossa production called the 512 TR and F512 M, which were produced from 1992 until 1996. Including revised variations, almost 10,000 cars in total were produced, making it one of the most mass-produced Ferrari models.

All versions of the Testarossa were available with a rear-mounted, five-speed manual transmission. The rear mid-engine design (engine between the axles but behind the cabin) keeps the centre of gravity in the middle of the car, which increases stability and improves the car’s cornering ability, and thus results in a standing weight distribution of 40% front: 60% rear.

The original Testarossa was re-engineered for the 1992 model year and was introduced as the 512 TR (TR meaning TestaRossa), at the Los Angeles Auto Show, effectively as a completely new car and an improved weight distribution of 41% front, 59% rear.

The 512 TR sports a 4,943 cc longitudinally rear-mounted flat-12 engine. Each cylinder has four valves, with forty-eight valves total. The engine is lubricated via a dry sump system and has a compression ratio of 10.00:1. These combine to provide a maximum of 491 N⋅m (362 lb⋅ft) at 5,500 rpm and a maximum power output of 315 kW (428 PS; 422 hp) at 6,750 rpm.

The car can accelerate from 0–100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.8 seconds and on to 161 km/h (100 mph) in 10.7 seconds. It can complete a standing (from stationary) quarter mile in 13.2 seconds or a standing kilometre in 23.4 seconds. The 512 TR has a top speed of 195.0 mph.

The 512 TR’s engine was extensively reworked. Nikasil liners were added, along with a new air intake system, Bosch engine management system, larger intake valves, and a revised exhaust system. In addition to the higher peak power, the modifications delivered a broader power band for better acceleration.

Gearshifting effort, a prolonged complaint about the Testarossa, was eased with a new single-plate clutch, sliding ball bearings, and better angle for the gearshift knob. The braking system included larger cross-drilled front rotors. Quicker steering, lower-profile tyres, and new shock settings improved handling. Most importantly, engine and gearbox position was rethought, which improved the centre of gravity, aiding the handling and making the car easier to drive.

The interior also received updates, with the centre console split from the dashboard, and the climate controls relocated. Pietro Camardella Pininfarina was tasked with redesigning the body of the car for better integration of the newly included spoilers and the new engine cover. The design was updated in line with the recently introduced 348.



Rosso Corsa

Crema Leather

Red Carpets


Ferrari UK Immobiliser

Ferrari ‘Classiche’ Certified



Perhaps the lowest mileage 512 TR in existence, this car has been pampered its whole life.

Spending 9 years with the same owner on the Concours circuit with the Ferrari Owners Club from 1996, the car has been largely unused throughout its life, with originality being the key to keeping this car as special as it is.

Classiche Certified by Ferrari with its all important Red Book, it is much like a ‘new’ 512 TR and is even shod with its original Goodyear GSA Tyres.

Cared for by Graypaul meticulously in recent years by the current collector whom has owned the car for almost 7 years, this car is simply unique and irreplaceable.

A full file of invoices, MOT certificates, wallet, handbooks and the original service book are all present to support this cars exceptional condition.

Freshly detailed for sale, it is presented in incredible condition for a now 27 year old car and must be seen to be fully appreciated.


Service History

Supplied new by Glenvarigill Edinburgh, 1 February 1995

Running in service by Graypaul 30 January 1996 @ 577 Miles

MOT, 24 June 1998 @ 1,648 Miles

MOT, 28 June 2002 @ 1,653 Miles

Annual Service & Cambelts by MDS Services, 14 July 2002 @ 1,653 Miles

MOT, 16 March 2005 @ 1,815 Miles

Annual Service & Cambelts by Rardley Motors, 30 September 2005 @ 1,821 Miles

MOT, 17 March 2006 @ 1,959 Miles

MOT, 3 April 2007 @ 2,253 Miles

MOT, 8 May 2008 @ 2,453 Miles

MOT, 15 May 2009, 3,276 Miles

MOT, 6 May 2010, 3,392 Miles

MOT, 11 May 2011, 3,392 Miles

MOT, 22 February 2013, 3,320 Miles

Annual Service by SMDG Performance, 28 February 2013 @ 3,433 Miles

MOT, 16 June 2014 @ 3,808 Miles

Annual Service by SMDG Performance, 18 June 2014 @ 3,809 Miles

Major Service & Cambelts by Graypaul, 25 November 2015 @ 3,884 Miles

MOT, 15 September 2016 @ 3,887 Miles

Annual Service by Graypaul, 15 September 2016 @ 3,887 Miles

MOT, 7 September 2017 @ 3,892 Miles

Annual Service by Graypaul, 12 September 2017 @ 3,892 Miles

Annual Service and Cambelts by Graypaul, 29 October 2018 @ 3,898 Miles

MOT, 29 October 2018 @ 3,905 Miles

Annual Service by Graypaul 13 November 2019 @ 3,906 Miles

MOT, 13 November 2019 @ 3,907 Miles

Annual Service, Plugs and Fuel Filters by Graypaul, 3 November 2020 @ 3,922 Miles

MOT, 3 November 2020 @ 3,939 Miles

Annual Service and Cambelts by Graypaul, 18 November 2021 @ 3,955 Miles

MOT, 25 November 2021 @ 3,955 Miles

7 Owners


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